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New Horizons!

The release of Animal Crossing:New Horizons could not have been timed better. Well, it would have been timed better if it had released a few days early since people are spending more time indoors. (And that was in fact what happened for people who had preordered from a store here in the Netherlands: they were shutting down all their stores, so people got their copy two days early!)
I did, in fact, uninstall Pocket Camp from my phone because it was too intrusive and the gameplay (such as it is) is shallow, but I also bought AC:NH. Digitally, so I can play a game that I have a physical copy of as the ‘main game’, and still be able to check up on my island without having to swap cartridges!

I love it. ‘My’ island is called ‘Fubbashima’ (because of course it is), and I’m having lots of fun with running around planting trees and flowers, fishing, and catching bugs. Klik also wanted to try it out, and we really dove into it. There’s a lot of players complaining that they have to share their island with the other players on the console, but I love playing together. We have our houses next to each other, and we often discuss how to best design our island together. When we get crafting supplies, we leave the excess in between our houses so the other can make use of them.

I’m considering getting the Nintendo Online for this game so we can go visit other players and send them gifts — but of course that only make sense if I know people who also play online! So if you do, drop a comment to motivate us!

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