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Yesterday’s Friday Five

1. What flower makes you the happiest when you see it?
I don’t think I have a favourite flower, when I think about it. My father grew up amongst the bulb farms, and tulips are his favourite flower, because it reminds him of that time. Nobody ever buys him flowers, but when I get my parents a bouquet, I will definitely be biased towards tulips.

2. What song always makes you feel better?
Something loud and energetic to get the blood pumping, like “Man or Animal” by Audioslave — arguably Cornell’s best work was with them. But when I need to focus or write, I’ll put on one of the myriad lo-fi chillhop streams. I’ve also found that I go really well on the ‘overland’ Skyrim soundtrack mixed with ambient sounds.

3. Do you enjoy making people laugh or are you more afraid of them laughing at you?
I do like making people laugh, but I do not feel like I have to do so.

4. Have you ever been called ‘The Life of the Party’ and for good reason?
I’m an introvert who likes people, which is sometimes a bit of a balancing act to maintain. In large groups, I rarely take the lead, so no.

5. Do tee shirts and bumper stickers make you laugh?
The cool and smart ones? Of course!
Yesterday, the team had an online ‘nerd shirt challenge’ (everybody is working from home, so we need to keep morale and the feeling of connection), and there were some lovely shirts there! Of course, I participated too. 🙂

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