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Exciting and scary

Publishing your RPG scenario is both exciting and scary. It’s exciting because you think you have something to add and want people to play your scenario. But it’s also scary, because you have no influence on what happens at other people’s tables. All you can do is hope the text is sufficient for others to run the story as you intended, and that they can make it their own.
Yesterday I had a short session with two of the people who were in the final playtest — that playtest was actually their first ever session of D&D, and they did want to continue. So we took some time to level their characters, and one wanted to switch to a Wizard. I then ran a short mission from ‘Defiance in Phlan’ for them, which turned out to be much more fun that I had thought it would be.

One of them had bought the PDF of ‘The Secret of Cedar Peak‘, and told me that he is going to run it for some friends and family members to see if they’d be interested in playing a campaign! So now I am feeling second-hand pressure! I offered him to answer any questions that he had, but there’s not much I can do about it…

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