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“The Secret of Cedar Peak” released!

After putzing around with layout in Affinity Publisher, I got fed up with its style management — it just didn’t work for me. I am used to the style management of word processors, and I had written the whole text in LibreOffice Writer. So I just gave up on Publisher and made an ok layout in Writer itself. I used the sketches of the art as placeholders. And then I got the actual art from Amber the illustrator, and I put that in. The PDF needed a bit more futzing before it worked nicely with a screen reader. I wanted to make sure that visually impaired gamers could use the scenario too!
Meanwhile, I found a good template for a single-page website and constructed a website for Capybarbarian, ‘my’ publishing label. And I upgraded my hosting so I did not have to buy a separate hosting solution for it, which also was a day’s worth of work…

But now it’s published, and it’s up on DriveThruRPG and itch.io!
I’m proud of the result, but marketing is not my strong point. So far, I’ve only made two sales, which is certainly not enough to recoup my costs of the illustrations. I’ve already decided to write sequels, and maybe combine those with some smaller adventures into a kind of mini-campaign and make the starting city the center of a little sandbox. And I’m ok with writing stuff because I like doing it, but I’m not going to invest anything in art if no-one is going to buy it anyway. I might do a ‘prolonged crowdfunding’ by putting up an art-less version of the product, and once enough have been sold to cover the cost of art, I’d commission that and add it in. Everyone who already bought it would get the updated version with the art automatically.

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