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Today was the last day we cycled to work together. Tomorrow, klik has her weekly day off, and friday we need to get some groceries so we'll go by car. And saturday, my work is going to move. It'll be a mere five-minute bicycle ride instead of the 25 minutes it takes me now. But it's the opposite direction of klik's work...
We'll both be helping out with the moving -- there will be cables to connect, computers to unpack, stuff like that... I'm curious as to see what it has become. I've seen a relatively bare floor, but it'll be fun to see the completed office.

These past days, we've been catching up on unwatched DVDs. Sunday, we watched the South Park movie. It plays out as expected -- very little surprises, and I've seen only four episodes or so. The biting criticism of US society is quite good, though: it's not what the movie is about, but it does deliver it's message.

Monday through today, we've been watching the Children of Dune miniseries. Enjoyable to view, though the storytelling is... dense. But as in the first miniseries, luscious decors and great attention to detail -- except for the actors' wardrobes. Alia must have only three dresses or so. Great music, though.

Two items of good news reached me today: my colleague succeeded in getting R1 discs to play in color on his rig -- all it took was a fully wired SCART cable. So next time we'll be getting together to watch anime, it'll be at his place.
And... the hardware for my mini-computer arrived! The delivery guy parked it at the groundskeeper, so klik will go and collect it for me tomorrow morning. Jay!

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