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Texel 2019

It’s been quite a while since I posted on here. So why don’t I break the silence by showing you some photos I took from our trip to Texel last week? My mother in law had invited us (just like last year), and we stayed at the same camping in a ‘chalet’ (basically a trailer without wheels).

It’s quite a trip from home to Den Helder, where the only ferry to Texel leaves. I had checked beforehand, and there was a crossing every 30 minutes, on the hour and on the half hour. Our route had us arrive at 14:59, so we were fully prepared to wait for half an hour. Not much to do about it, and stressing about it wouldn’t make a difference at all. The automated gate let us through (our license plate had been registered on the ticket) and indeed: we were in the tail end of the cars entering the ferry, and we had to stop at the line. But then apparently the cars had been manoevered tighter by the stevadores, and we were waved through.

We were literally the last car on the ferry!

This is the view from a cafe in Den Burg, the main village on the island. The weather was really nice at that moment, but we mostly had rain and hard wind! But when it was clear, it was really nice. All the other times, we stayed indoors with the heater on, playing on the Switch.

Crappy selfie at the beach near the lighthouse.

Quicksand! We didn’t walk on the beach here…

We went up the lighthouse, which had some interesting exhibitions inside. But the main draw was the view, of course. This is about halfway up.

This is the ‘control room’ of the lighthouse. It’s not used anymore because facilities on the ground are more convenient and the use of radar means you don’t have to physically look out to sea anymore. But I wonder what the lighthouse attendant did with the paper punch and the stapler?

We got some locally sourced minced mutton (lots of sheep on Texel!) and made hamburgers. Inspired by Mosburger, we added a thick slice of tomato on top, and we made a thick tomato sauce with paprika and leek to top it off. Tasted really good.

Making use of the good weather to get to the beach for a little walk.

Quite windy! There was a lot of foam from the surf being blown onto the beach.

We also went to the Beachcomber’s Museum, which exhibits stuff that was found on the Texel beaches (or literally robbed from beached ships!)

There are a few sheds on the grounds filled with stuff, but also outside there was a lot of things to see. Like buoys hung up on a tree. One of the sides of a shed was hung with loops of rope. But all the interesting stuff was inside the sheds.
One of the best things is a video of the founder, a beachcomber himself, talking about all the things he found. Of course, the juiciest stories were about doing illegal things, like stealing 4000 cans of milk powder out of a beached container, and then having to get rid of them within two weeks because the exposure to the sea water made them rust… The video is only in Dutch though, so international audiences had little use for it.

This is the ‘pilot seat’ for a drill platform evacuation pod, which seats 100 people.

Pretty spartan, but it certainly beats going down with the platform!

Funniest find: part of a Star Trek-themed carnival ride that was transported to the UK, but then the ship came in bad weather and this fell overboard.

On our last day on the island, we went to the Slufter, a ‘national park’. The dunes have been dug away there, creating the original tidal flat landscape.

There are some paths, but you’re allowed to walk anywhere. But as you can see, you better bring your boots if you insist on walking straight to the water!

Part of a second row of dunes, which were now next to the water.

The part that’s been cordoned off to protect the nests of Sand martins.

You can see here how the sea water flows during the high tide.

The gap in the dunes.

A panorama. Click to embiggen!

Afterwards, we had a pancake lunch at De Cocksdorp, the northern-most village on the island. We had drove past there on our way to the lighthouse, but we hadn’t seen the village center itself. So we walked down the main street, all the way to the stairs over the dyke and onto the beach.

We had been eating out a few times, and in the village where we were staying, the restaurants are all quite… ‘touristy’. So basically merely okay food for a relatively high price — something you also saw reflected in the reviews guests had given. But we walked past the restaurant Topido in De Cocksdorp that I had seen earlier, which had consistently good reviews. It’s run by a couple, only nine tables, and they use locally sourced ingredients.
That evening, we would be going to the Indian place, but they only did take-out that day. So we suggested going to Topido, and luckily for us, they still had a table open!

The amuse-bouche: a small cup of smoked bell-pepper soup. Lovely smoky aroma!

Starter: Quiche of goat’s cheese and yellow beet

Starter: Rilette of smoked mackerel, north sea shrimp and a quinoa salad.

Main dish: mutton stew!

Main dish: lamb filets.

Main dish: Brill filets

Main dish: “Eel in green”, eel in a vegetable and herb sauce.

Dessert: pear ice cream with bits of dark chocolate, chocolate mousse, poached pear and a chocolate cake

Dessert: Cinnamon creme brulee, cinnamon mousse and apples

Dessert: Cheese plateau with a little brioche bread

And the chocolates that came with the coffee and tea!
I think we’ll be eating there next year too — it was truly delicious.

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