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RPGaDAY 19 & 20

#19: Scary
There are quite a few ‘horror’ RPGs out there, with Call of Cthulhu being the grand-daddy of them all. And, to be honest, they just aren’t that scary to me. I mean, the character might be scared, but I am not. Sure, there’s excitement and a bit of stress to keep the character (relatively) safe while trying to reach their objectives, but I have the same experience when playing a fantasy RPG and the party gets into a tight spot during a fight.
Maybe I just don’t ‘get’ it like I get other RPG genres? I’m not a big fan of horror movies and horror computer games either, so I guess that carries over into my preferences in RPGs?

#20 : Noble
Fantasy is, without a doubt, the main genre for RPGs (not in small part because D&D, the biggest RPG out there, is a fantasy RPG), set in some kind of white-washed, pseudo-feudal quasi-Europe. Which means that there are nobles. There seem to be only two kinds of nobles: either they are robber barons, and the poor populace needs the assistance of the party to chase them off, or they are ‘quest givers’, who can’t manage their own domain and need the assistance of the party to get rid of some monsters or bandits or whatever. (See also: Outsider Resolution Bias.)
Those are not interesting, I believe. They’re just ‘set dressing’ and serve no purpose in the story other than to act as an obstacle or to get the party started on a quest.
Ryuutama has a ‘Noble’ class, which is interesting. In Ryuutama, even if you’re a noble, you’re still a normal traveller, and you need to rely on your companions for mutual survival. So nobles are not expected to be ‘in charge’, but just one member of the party. Because they are trained in etiquette and combat, they fulfill a certain role in the party, but not necessarily the role of ‘party leader’. And, like every character, they have somewhere to go back to — if they ever go back. Knowing what ‘back home’ is like, can be a lot of fun.

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