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Why DRM is evil

Digital Rights Management is evil. It limits us in our rights as consumer: it dictates what we are allowed to do with media and the electronics to display those media.
Consider the region-encoding on DVDs: I legimately buy a DVD disc in the US, but the media conglomerates do not allow me to view that disc back home. The conglomerates have dictated to the electronics manufacturers what they are allowed to do. This is unprecedented, and very bad news for us consumers -- and even for the artists these measures nominally protect.

The past weeks, I have worked on an architecture for a webshop for digital music -- but I will never buy anything there, because it will employ DRM. I urge all of you to vote with your wallets and not buy anything that enables DRM!

For more information on why DRM is bad business for everyone, and some historical precedents, look here for an articulate view on the subject matter -- and another one here.

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