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Friday Five

1. Has your house been renovated?
Oh yes, in a big way.

2. Have you ever painted a room?
Many times. Every time we moved house, while helping others move into a new space, etc. It’s an ok activity, if you have the proper tools and paint — cheap brushes and cheap paint gives the worst results.

3. Have you ever put in a new floor in a house?
Yes. We did the top floor ourselves: laminated flooring. It worked out quite well. But when we needed a new floor for the ground floor last year, we took one look at the odd corners there, and let a professional (our neighbour) handle it.

4. Have you ever worked with wallpaper?
I’ve done a few lines of wallpaper, but nothing major. Klik and her mother did the photo wallpaper in our bedroom, and I hear that was not a particularly pleasant experience.

5. Have you ever choose new colors for your flat or house?
We tend to go for neutral, cream-colour for the walls, and let the colour come from our furniture (which is how we ended up with a purple couch).

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