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Japan vacation, pt8

We dragged our big suitcases via an optimised route to Tokyo Station, to the takyubin desk there in order to forward them to our last stop in Japan, our hotel in Narita. This is the atrium at the south end of Tokyo Station.

There is also a Pokemon store there, in “character street”: a corridor in the station’s shopping area filled with shops with ‘character goods’.

The next day we walked about the Nezu shrine, close to the apartment we were staying at. It was a bit busy (a Sunday after all), but not too crowded. The shrine itself is built similar to the Tokugawa shrine in Nikko, so it’s quite beautiful.

But the star of the show was the azalea garden! Most of the shrubs were in full bloom, and it was really impressive.

After that, we walked to Yanaka Ginza and had a stroll about. After that we went to Ueno for a stroll in the park. We were not the only ones who had that plan…

Ueno Park is known for its cherry trees. It was already towards the end of the season, and this was one of the few trees still full in blossom.

There was a festival going on at the Benzaiten shrine at Ueno, with lots of food stalls. We ended our binge with choco bananas!

Then we went to the Meishu Center next to the Kanda shrine for some sake tasting! Great fun, would definitely do it again!

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