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Japan vacation, pt7

The next day, the weather was super nice! And we had to turn the car in only at the end of the afternoon, so we decided to spend some time in Kawagoe and enjoy the sights without being cold, wet and miserable. This is the Hikawa shrine.

Behind the shrine is a river lined with cherry trees.

The street with the traditional houses. Almost all of it were shops, but most of them had really nice things instead of the cheap touristy stuff.

The watchtower. It also serves as the gate to a temple.

Candy alley! I had expected a lot of dagashi shops, but there was only one. The rest was all rather upscale.

Next day in Tokyo, when shopping in Ginza for incense (at a department store) and paper (at the phenomenal Ito-ya), we also briefly swung by the Kabuki theatre.

The crazy crowds at Asakusa’s main temple.

As I said: crazy crowds. It’s at the top of any “must-see” areas in Tokyo, so everybody comes here. It was simply too crowded with tourists who were not paying attention at where they were going.

We fled the scene and went to Kappabashi-dori, a street lined with shops catering to restaurants, offering tablewares, cutlery, but also wax models of food etc. This is their ‘patron Kappa’.

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