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Japan vacation, pt 6

We had a stopover at Takasaki, and decided to schedule a day of sightseeing there when we found out they have a hill with cherry trees and a giant Kanon statue. When we arrived in town, we were intrigued by the large number of Daruma dolls everywhere, and it turns out that the temple that introduced them is in Takasaki! We would have even made a detour for a visit there, but now we just stumbled upon this gem!
These are some of the cherry trees at the entrance.

The largest Daruma doll ever!

At the hill with the Kanon statue, overlooking the city through the cherry blossoms.

The Kanon statue. Her expression is one of disappointment, not of empathy, I thought.

They had one of those handy cellphone stands too!

There was a temple elsewhere that was famous for its weeping cherry trees, but their blossoming season had already passed…

But there were some cherry trees there that were still in full bloom, so it was not a total waste!

Then we went to Kawagoe. First place we went to was Kita-In temple. It was raining quite hard, and we found the saddest festival waiting for us: everything was closed and wet and cold.

They have 540 individual statues of Buddha’s followers. We studied them all.

The traditional centre of Kawagoe, where the houses were made in the same method of storehouses — the merchants of Kawagoe were just that rich! But we were cold and miserable from all the rain, so we retired to our inn quite early.

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