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Japan vacation, pt 1

On vacation, I just take crappy selfies with my cellphone, leaving the serious photography to klik. She takes much better pictures anyway. So here’s the first part of a short report of our vacation, told in crappy selfies.

We had a bit of a bad start: we missed our connecting flight in Helsinki due to bad weather and bad planning on the part of Finnair, so we had to stay in a hotel there. And the next day, all of the direct flights to Narita (our destination) were all fully booked. Instead, we were flown to Nagoya airport, had to spend over five hours there, and then get a flight to Narita. We arrived one and a half days later in Tokyo than we had planned!

This is us at the shopping and dining area on Nagoya airport, which is styled like a little village. There was plenty of stuff going on, and it wasn’t so bad spending some time there.

There’s a Pokemon Store at Nagoya Airport! Their exclusive item is a Pikachu plush in the ANA airline uniforms.

We arrived at Narita and collected the wifi router that we would be using to connect our phones to. This is us in the bus to Tokyo station, completely exhausted from the long trip. Unfortunately, there were traffic jams and it was 21:00 when we arrived at our hotel…

Two days later, we collected the rental car at Haneda and set course for our hotel in Fujisawa.

We checked in and borrowed bikes to go to Enoshima to look around for a bit. There was a little park with some blossoming cherry trees!

The Enoshima Sea Candle. But then it was getting late and we went back to the hotel.

Next day, we went to Enoshima to do some sightseeing in earnest. This is the second Benzaiten shrine, which had a holder for your cellphone so you could take this perfectly aligned selfie.

At the top of the Sea Candle. The wind almost blew me out of my clothes! But the view was gorgeous.

This gentleman was a pensioner who ‘worked’ as a volunteer guide. He learned English and was now studying Spanish so he could help more tourists get around. We had a little chat with him and he gave us a handy map of the island.

The shrine dedicated to the sea dragon that had supposedly terrorised the island from its lair in a cave, before being subjugated by Benzaiten. Unfortunately, the caves were closed for renovation….
And that’s the first few days of our trip!

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