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Drinking game

For all people who are going to watch the soccer match between the national teams of The Netherlands and Germany, I proudly present...

The Holland-Germany Soccer Drinking Game

Take a sip when:
- Germany gets the ball;
- A player from Holland makes a stupid move;
- The referee makes a stupid decision in favor of Germany;
- A commenter makes a snide remark about the Germans;
- The ball goes over the mid-line, in the direction of the Dutch goal.

Finish your drink when:
- Someone makes a comment about 1974;
- The camera zooms in on cheering German supporters;
- Someone makes a comment about World War II.

Gulp down two drinks when:
- Someone mentions nazi's;
- Germany scores.

Empty a bottle and don't watch when:
- Holland has to take a penalty.

With a little help from babarage. And yes, I know it's "The Netherlands", but I don't expect soccer supporters to appreciate the distinction.

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