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Saturday, we had to get up early because some guy would come around at 10:00 to read off the heat-meters we have on our central heating. The whole building is heated by a central boiler, and the costs are split according to how much heat you actually use.

We then went into town to shop for stuff -- we bought designer rubber duckies for Dirk and Hilke. Dirk is always going on about his colorful toilet, so we wanted something to go with that.
We also went to the V&D (klik had to use the toilet) and I ended up at the electronics department. They had set up a PS2 with an EyeToy there, and I played a few games. Great fun, so we went to the Mystery Multimedia and bought one! (The V&D didn't have the complete package, it seemed, and I didn't want to bother getting some sensible actions out of the baboons that populated the electronics department...)

That evening, we went to Dirk & Hilke's housewarming party. Great fun, there were also some people I hadn't seen in quite some time. And indeed, the toilet is... colorful.

Sunday, we went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Very good movie: better than the previous two. In the first two movies, there were all sorts of 'cutesy'-things, meant to show off the special effects or the weirdness that is Hogwarts. In this movie, the story-telling was much tighter: there were a lot of things going on, but they all pertained to the plot. And yes, plausible time travel too!

I especially liked the ending credits. They had been done in the style of the Marauder's Map -- you saw lots ot little feet running around the names. The detail was incredible, and there were quite a few jokes: you see someone tapping their feet, you see someone slowly turn into a wolf, there are feet hopping across the names, etc.
I really like it when the movie closes off with ending credits in the style of the movie -- Van Helsing did this quite nicely too. So do yourself a favour and watch the ending credits!

Monday, we went to the vet with Chibi for his annual checkup. We had to wait for one whole hour, but the checkup itself took only five minutes... -_-
He got his vaccinations, and klik asked about the coughing Chibi sometimes does. It seems it's a result of too much adrenaline: he gets too excited and his lungs start to get into overdrive, resulting in coughing.
Nothing to be worried about, but perhaps we should teach him to be a bit more mellow!

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