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Aug. 17th, 2018 @ 04:34 pm RPG-a-day, day 17: Describe the best compliment you’ve had while gaming
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Day 17: Describe the best compliment you’ve had while gaming
From april 2015 until june 2016, I ran a Play-by-Forum for The One Ring titled “The Secret of Minas Anghen“. It was based on the MERP scenario “Adventure at Minas Anghen” from the module “Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings“, the scenario that we played the first time I ever played an RPG (we used the Rolemaster rules then).
It ran its course with the whole group intact, which is kind of unique for a PbF that runs that long, so I was pretty pleased. So when I wanted to run another PbF, using the first scenario from the Bree sourcebook, I contacted each of the players in the first PbF to see if they would want to reprise their characters (after getting some XP to spend), and each and every one of them wanted to get back in.
I’ll admit: I was really pleased with myself because of that!

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