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RPG-a-day catchup, days 12 & 13

So yesterday I did not have time to post, so you’re going to get a catch-up today.

Day 12: Wildest character concept?
I don’t tend to play really wild character concepts. Mostly I’m the level-headed person who stays on-task — also helped by the fact that I write session reports, so I tend to remember details. None of my characters really pops to mind, really. I guess I’m kinda boring that way?

Day 13: Describe how your play has evolved.
Three things that really changed in recent years:
“Say yes or roll the dice”: If failure is not an interesting outcome, just allow it to happen.
“Ask questions (of the players) and use the answers”: Giving the players some authorial control is both scary and exciting. Allow the player of the only Dwarf character to give details of Dwarf life, and show those in play, for instance. Adding details makes the world seem so much more real!
“Play to find out what happens”: Roll with whatever the players are doing or interested in. Don’t be invested in a particular outcome, let the actions of the characters dictate what happens next. This makes for so much more interesting games!

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