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RPG-a-day, day 8

Day 8: How can we get more people playing?
By being more inclusive. Too long has RPG been the domain of the white male, and that was reflected everywhere. (Chainmail bikinis in artwork, for instance!) I’m very pleased that recent iterations of D&D and Pathfinder have featured more inclusive artwork and writing (women! non-white people! homosexual and trans people!) — this representation really matters. If you see yourself reflected in the art for a game, you know that the game is also for you — that’s just how it works.
I’m also really pleased with explicitly feminist (like The Watch) or queer RPGs (like Monsterhearts) being written and released to much critical acclaim. This further serves to demolish the white male stereotypical gamer.
To get more people playing what is, in essence, a niche game, you have to be welcoming. If someone is curious, explain what an RPG is like, and maybe offer to run a game for them. Perhaps it’s not their thing (and that is OK!), but perhaps they are interested and will play more.

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