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Jul. 25th, 2016 @ 10:29 pm More new anime
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DAYS: Tsukushi is a bit of a clumsy guy. His classmate Jin invites him to join an indoor soccer match (why? I guess we'll never know) and Tsukushi makes up with his great resilience and enthousiasm what he lacks in actual soccer skills. He decides to join the soccer club, and again shows his spirit at the initial training.
Sports anime, this time with soccer. Tsukushi is our 'miracle rookie' who has the potential to grow, Jin is the experienced player who will mentor him. You already know how it will go from here on out -- so why bother watching the show?

Fukigen no Mononokean: A schoolboy gets possessed by a youkai -- a supernatural monster. This one was probably a cat in life, and it attaches itself to his back at the first day of highschool. It drains his strength and gets bigger all the time, so the boy constantly collapses... Then he meets a mysterious person who claims he can get rid of the youkai, and he does -- but the price is high, and now the schoolboy has to work for him to pay off his debt!
For some reason, I tend to like stories featuring Japanese monsters, and this is a nicely quirky setup.

Handa-kun: It's a prequel for Barakamon, showing the highschool life of Handa-kun, who was by that time already an accomplished calligraphist. The series starts really odd with his all-male fan club trying to create an anime, and the only the second part is the series proper? And Handa-kun overthinks everything and gets misunderstood, which is supposed to be funny.
We really liked Barakamon, so I was looking forward to this. But it just wasn't funny and it lacked any kind of sparkle. A pity!
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Jul. 24th, 2016 @ 12:11 pm More new anime
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Amanchu! tells the story of Futaba, whose parents have moved and who is starting her highschool life without any people she knows. This had made her melancholic. Hikari is her polar opposite, full of energy. Hikari loves the ocean: her grandmother runs a scuba school at the beach. The two meet at school, and Futaba is taken in by Hikari's honest and energetic weirdness.
Looking at the characters, the school uniforms and how cats are drawn, we were strongly reminded of the Aria series. And it turns out that they're based on a manga by the same person! That alone is a reason to watch the series, but the intro sung by Maaya Sakamoto doesn't hurt either. And it promises to be fun!

Ange Vierge: There are five worlds (of which Earth is one) and the portals between the world have opened. Monsters called Ouroborous have come through the portals, threatening the existance of the five worlds! It is up to a group of teenage girls to fight them off using their special powers. The episode starts with a fight, then the girls seem to spend an awful long time in various baths (naked, of course, so there's lots of steam and weird lighting effects...) and then there is another fight. There's lots of girls introduced who only have one or two lines, and that's it basically.
It's like one of those series that we've seen countless rehashes of. And while that's fine, this iteration of that particular setup seems to be especially devoid of plot, instead insisting on showing semi-naked girls to keep us interested. Of course, it didn't work.

Battery: This season's Noitamina offering, so an original story! Takumi's family moves to his grandfather's house somewhere in Okayama just before he enters middle school. At his grade school, he was the pitcher, and he has gained some reknown for this. So when he goes out on a walk and meets Go, the local catcher who is going to middle school too, they agree to throw a few balls around. Grandfather used to be a pitcher too, but Takumi doesn't seem to be too interested in his stories or advice.
Takumi is stuck in what he is and has, whereas grandfather is looking for potential and eagerness. Takumi and Go could go far, but first Takumi needs to overcome his arrogance. And yes, it's a sports anime, but it is remarkably low-key. There is a focus on the characters, and the way moving with your family back to your hometown is portrayed really grounds it in reality instead of improbable 'special attacks' and what-not that feature so much in other sports anime -- the "miracle rookie" effect is notably absent here. It reminded me of "Ping-Pong the Animation", which was also a very enjoyable sports anime in the Noitamina slot.

B-Project: Tsubaki is hired as the A&R manager for a group of male idols, divided into several sub-units and united under the B-Project. She doesn't know what an A&R manager does, though, so that's a bit of a problem for her. She just goes with the flow, and then her absolute hearing can point out a mistake in the score and gets a recording session 'unstuck'.
And of course we get a huge cast of cute boys with various personality types so that you can choose your own favourite... Haven't we seen this type of thing before? Wasn't there this series about a girl who is the song producer for 'her' band of boys? We didn't last more than a single season for that either, so this is an easy miss for us.

Cheer Danshi!!: Haruki's parents run a judo center, and he and his older sister of course are well-trained in judo. But in college he hurt his shoulder and can't compete anymore, while his sister goes on to win a tournament. Kazuma, his friend, suggests starting up an all-male cheering squad, since Takumi's cheering for her sister really helped her during the decisive match. Of course, you'd need more people to start a squad.
It's refreshing to see a series set in college, but with the focus on clubs/circles, it's not immediately apparent that this is very different from highschool. Remember Genshiken? That setting was so much more 'grown-up' than this -- but perhaps it still needs to grow a bit. It is interesting though, Haruki is a likable fellow and the animations of the acrobatics are really well-executed.
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Bishoujo squad!
Jul. 22nd, 2016 @ 09:31 pm New anime
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We left on our holiday on July 4th, and only returned yesterday. So we kinda missed the start of the new anime season! Now that we're back, we're fully loaded up on new series, and we'll be watching them -- and that means I will be reviewing them!

91 Days: I'm not sure where it is set -- might be 20's America, during prohibition? But all the names are Italian... Anyway, there's this kid whose whole family gets murdered during an internal power struggle in the mafia family that his dad worked for. He manages to get away. Years later, he returns and seeks out his friend from back then -- he has gotten involved in producing moonshine, and together they're going to get involved in the wheelings and dealings of two mafia families...
It's pretty bleak, and there's all sorts of casual violence in it -- something I dislike. Also, the colour palette is mostly drab shades of brown, which might be realistic but doesn't really make the artwork 'sizzle'. We'll skip this one.

Amaama to Inazuma: Kouhei is a teacher, and he has to raise Tsumugi, his daughter, alone since the death of his wife six months ago. He doesn't know how to cook, so it's been conbini bento dinners in front of the TV all the way since then. Tsumugi isn't very enthousiastic about the food (though she is enthousiastic about pretty much everything else), and when they get invited to come to a restaurant for some real home-style cooking, Tsumugi really likes the food. Kouhei promises Tsumugi to get better at cooking so that they can enjoy their dinners together!
I like that the social aspect of eating is also present. And the setup is a bit like Koufuku Graffiti, which we liked immensely. This is going on the list!
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curry ga dekita!
Jul. 22nd, 2016 @ 08:16 pm (no subject)
Happy birthday, greybeta!
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Jul. 22nd, 2016 @ 08:14 pm My top three Bavarian castles in crappy selfies
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Yesterday, we returned from our almost-three-week vacation to Bavaria to go see the many castles and forts in Bavaria, now a part of Germany. It used to be a part of the Holy Roman Empire and then was converted into a kingdom by Napoleon. At the end of WW1, it became a republic. But what is amazing is that essentially the same family, the Wittelsbachs, has ruled Bavaria from 1204 onwards -- first as Duke, then as Electors, then as Kings. So there's a lot of history there that's been preserved because it's simply part of the family history -- there has never been a need to get rid of everything reminding people of the previous people in power.
So there is quite a large number of castles and fortifications from 1204 onwards that are still (relatively) intact today -- which is interesting. But it didn't end there. Maxmillian II built his summer castle, Hohenschwangau, as some sort of fairy tale castle. And his son, Ludwig II, inherited that trait -- he went on to build several castles, of which Neuschwanstein is the best known. It is no mistake when the Bavarians call them their 'fairy tale king'. But these buildings are relatively modern (construction of Neuschwanstein started in 1869!), so they are well preserved too.

All this inspired us to plan for a vacation to Bavaria, to go see some castles. (Earlier this year, we did a week-long vacation in the Loire valley to visit some castles as well, so why not keep the theme?) We hadn't really planned an order or a list of things to see, but it all worked out. We spent five days in Bamberg (towards the north of Bavaria), six days in Ebersberg (near München, the capital of Bavaria and relatively central) and six days in Pfronten, which is towards the south-west, in the Bavarian Alps. Every single day, we visited a castle, palace or a fortification (sometimes well-preserved, sometimes a ruin). We haven't seen everything (the three-hour one-way hiking trip to see the royal lodge in Schachen and then hiking back three hours didn't really fit in our plans or our physical condition), but we've seen quite a lot -- and all of the highlights.

I've been taking crappy selfies with the castles that we visited (often only of the exterior, because photography of any kind was not allowed inside), and I want to share with you the crappy selfies of my top three Bavarian Castles.

1: Linderhof CastleCollapse )

2: The Hermitage at BayreuthCollapse )

3: Veste CoburgCollapse )

Honorable mention: the München Residenz treasuryCollapse )

So yes, Neuschwanstein isn't even in my top three... I mean, it's nice and all, but these three are better. Go figure.
I was also pleasantly surprised by the prices for the admission tickets. Whereas you'd easily pay EUR 15 to get admitted into a castle in France, you'll easily get admittance for two for that price in most castles! In some places, that also includes a guided tour -- for instance, while you can visit most of the rooms of the Würzburg Residenz on your own, there are rooms that you can only visit under the supervision of a guide. Sometimes you book a specific tour (and there is often the choice between German and English), sometimes you just have to wait for a bit before the next tour starts off. Some castles you can only see as part of a tour. And unfortunately, on most of those guided visits, photography of any kind is not allowed. But that's not too much of a problem, is it?

I can heartily recommend a visit to Bavaria and its many castles!
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Jul. 19th, 2016 @ 08:39 am (no subject)
Happy birthday, kees_s!
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Jun. 15th, 2016 @ 10:43 pm Play to find out what happens
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I was going to run a campaign using Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, using the module Hoard of the Dragon Queen" which I got for Sinterklaas last year. Then life happened and I had to postpone my plans for a bit. Since then, I have started playing in the Dungeon World PbV that I wrote about earlier. We have been playing most Sundays, and I really like how the game has been developing. I have also started (again) in the Dungeon World rulebook now that I have some experience with the rules in actual play.

One of the main rules of Dungeon World (and I guess every game that uses the 'Powered by the Apocalypse' system) is: "Play to find out what happens". Instead of moving through a pre-determined set of events, you leave the resolution (and escalation) of dangers up to the characters' actions. And then I thought about those adventure paths that we played in Pathfinder and the set-up of the module that I was going to play -- and that all seemed kinda 'flat'. It is definately not "play to find out what happens"!
I play RPGs because I want to portray an awesome character whose awesome adventures have an impact on the game world. And with those modules which are actually just a trip along several set pieces, that is lacking. Take the Hoard of the Dragon Queen module. In it, the players go on a journey from place to place, pursuing a treasure that will go to a central collection point. Along the way, they get to various places where various factions are doing their various things that they have to deal with. For the scenario, it is a necessity that the players are always one step behind the bad guys. If they catch up with the treasure caravan before the end of the module, that's the end of the adventure right there. Instead of being awesome, the characters have to be dumbed down and made ineffective. They don't have the initiative, they're just running after somebody else.

So now I'm not so sure I want to play through this module. But I'm not so sure I can get this group to go for a Dungeon World campaign. And: can I run DW effectively? I had the same 'wow'-feeling when I was reading through the Fate Core rules, but I never really got that off the ground...
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Kashira? Kashira? Gozonji Kashira?
Jun. 14th, 2016 @ 07:10 pm I did the thing...
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So somebody was selling their HDMI capture device second-hand, I made them an offer with a price I was prepared to pay for it, and they accepted! So after two days I had this device at home. I've been spending quite a bit of time setting it up... I game with a controller from the PC in the living room. That is connected to our TV with an HDMI cable, so I could hook that up to the capture device, which also acts like a HDMI passthrough. (There was something with resolutions though, but I got that resolved.) Then I hooked the capture device through USB up to klik's laptop, and now I have a streaming setup though her laptop!
So I've been doing some streaming, and it's great fun. I don't get many viewers, but some of the people that I regularly watch on Twitch have subscribed and come to hang out, which is a lot of fun. And you can easily export videos from Twitch to YouTube, so it's easy to get a playlist of your playthrough of a game (in case anyone is interested...).

So you can now find me (mostly Wednesdays and Thursdays) on my Twitch.tv channel over at https://www.twitch.tv/fubfubfub. If you want to know when I'm going online, keep an eye out for my streaming-related Twitter account @fubfubfub. Drop in, say hi, watch me fail at games (mostly working on a Dark Souls II sorcerer playthrough).
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Maid dance
May. 27th, 2016 @ 10:34 pm Who'd watch me game?
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So I have been hanging out in various Twitch channels these past few months -- mostly for streamers who play games I'm interested in or familiar with. Mostly Dark Souls II because I have been playing that one too, and because the gameplay makes it easy to drop in or out of a stream without missing essential plot development. I subscribed to some of those caster channels if I liked their personality and way of doing things and then stuck around as they moved on to other games. I even now play in an RPG campaign that's streamed to a channel because of this.
So, watching streams is kinda neat: the chat allows you to interact with the caster and the other watchers, and that can be a lot of fun. Not quite like sitting next to them on the couch, but it's close to that, and much more convenient. ;) And I play games too, so maybe I could start casting too? I'd need one bit of additional hardware, but we'd be set for the rest of the needed kit.

But I'm not sure I should do this. Who would want to watch me fail at games? Most casters I follow have a set schedule and work kinda hard to promote their channel -- that almost seems like work. I'm not going to do that. Also, I don't have a dedicated room to game in: we have specifically chosen to put all the computers in the (extended) living room, so that we'd still be together if one of us is on their computer and the other is on the couch. In fact, when I game, I'm using the TV and klik might watch from the couch. I'm not about to share all of those domestic scenes with the world.
But she works three evenings in the week... But do I really want to invest in something that might or might not work out? I'm just not sure. I'm interested, but I'm just not sure.
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May. 27th, 2016 @ 10:34 pm (no subject)
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Happy birthday, kishenehn!
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May. 13th, 2016 @ 05:24 pm (no subject)
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Happy birthday, issue_i!
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May. 13th, 2016 @ 05:23 pm (no subject)
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Happy birthday, isabelgou!
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May. 12th, 2016 @ 11:32 pm Finished series: Hai to Sensou no Grimgar
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We've finished watching Hai to Sensou no Grimgar. The basic theme is, once again, about people being pulled into a game world. But this time, there are some very interesting twists added. For one, they do not remember their 'old' lives. For second, while they learn skills and spells, and there is a 'cool-down' period etcetera, the combat is really, really gritty.
New arrivals in the world are given 10 silver, and they are instructed to become Trainees in the Volunteer Army. The country is at war, but here, at the frontier, people are needed to fight against the might of the No Life King and his monstrous minions. The Volunteer Army keeps the goblins and all in check, so that the people in the city may live in peace -- since there are no soldiers of the 'official' army to spare. But everything costs money -- even getting an official induction in the Volunteer Army costs money! If you want to eat or sleep, you need money. And the only way to get money, is to kill the goblins and kobols and loot their corpses. But there are start-up costs, such as getting training to become a certain class, armour and weapons, etcetera.
The main characters are a bunch of people who form a party after all the strong people have banded together. They are weak and always strapped for cash: in the beginning the whole party isn't even strong enough to take down a single goblin! I really like how they depict a pitched and desperate battle with a single goblin: they goblin doesn't want to die either!

But the focus is really on what the characters are thinking, how they are coping and how they interact with each other -- which I really like. The designs are very nice, and especially the background, which have a water-colour look. There's plenty of nice music to set the mood in the series, especially in the earlier episodes.
There's not much that's wrong with this series. We really liked it, and even though it has a theme that's been done to death, the twists make it really fresh and interesting. I would watch a second season of this for sure.
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Apr. 29th, 2016 @ 09:37 am Rise and fall of the Angry Blackbird
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A blackbird had decided to build a nest in the hedge, close to the back door. So far, so good, but then he got Really Angry when the cats went out. Sounding the alarm and even diving towards them! The cats sneaked from chair to chair, but after about a week of this they didn't want to go out as often anymore: the Angry Blackbird was winning the battle for the backyard. It even got so bad that they'd sit on the backs of the chairs we have in the living, and the Angry Blackbird would see them through the glass, and then would get all Angry again -- we've spent a few days with the curtains half-drawn...

And then last Saturday, the cats went out -- the Angry Blackbird seemed to be occupied elsewhere. But after a while, he had found them again and was again in full-on alarm mode. When I went to the backdoor to let the cats back in, I saw that they had caught a lady blackbird! I let them in, and then I found that the bird was still alive -- but she clearly was never going to get up by herself, so I had to euthanise her... Not a happy experience, that. We're still not sure if this was the prospective bride of the Angry Blackbird, or just a random passer-by.

Later that day, we decided that enough was enough. We plucked the blackbird nest out of the hedge (which was still empty) and chucked it in the green bin. I don't enjoy interfering like this, but raising a nest of young birds in our back yard is not going to end well for anybody involved.
We haven't seen the Angry Blackbird since.
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Apr. 23rd, 2016 @ 08:36 am (no subject)
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Happy birthday, luna_puella!
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Apr. 22nd, 2016 @ 10:05 pm More new anime
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Shounen Maid: Chihiro's mother dies, and he's left all alone. A kind older couple take him in, but then his uncle turns up to take him in! Turns out he's a rich costume designer, living in a big house -- even though Chihiro and his mother led very simple lives... But Chihiro doesn't want to rely on charity. The house is filthy, and he decides to clean up. So his uncle makes a deal with him: he can be the live-in maid in the house!
An orphan taken in by family -- and they are actually kind and compassionate? We haven't seen that too many times before. And it's fun in a gentle way. I want to see more about this.

Haifuri: Sea levels have risen and most of Japan has been submerged (again). There are now naval ships protecting the city ships -- with an all-female crew (because of course women don't fight...). We follow one training ship, staffed by a highschool class. But there's something weird: once they set out and approach the rendez-vous point, they are attacked by the ship of their instructors! They run away, but are now considered to be dangerous by all the other school ships...
Interesting, it reminded me of Starship Operators. There is obviously a conspiracy going on here, and I want to know what's happening. I would have liked the character designs a bit more realistic/serious though -- the way they act is like it's a regular highschool comedy series, which it's obviously not.

Sansha Sanyou: Yoko used to be a rich girl, but her father's company went bankrupt and now she's poor. She doesn't really know how to act in the company of 'normal' people, so she doesn't have any friends in class. This means she always eats her lunches alone. But one day, two other girls find her spot and the three of them meet up for lunch from then on.
An interesting mix of characters. And the writers didn't take shortcuts by simply selecting one of the many two-dimensional stereotypes. Still a bishoujo series -- but you know I like those.

12-sai: Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki: The series focusses on a sixth-grade class and the changes that the kids in the class go through. Main character is Hanabi, who finds out that she actually likes her popular classmate Yuto.
The character designs seem a bit dated, and it has all the trappings of your last year in elementary school. I didn't particularly like that year, so I don't really want to revisit all those things like inter-class feuds and all.

And that's it for this new season -- at least for the full-length episodes. And none of the short-length episodes were of interest -- which is like it usually is.
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Bishoujo squad!
Apr. 21st, 2016 @ 10:55 pm Stacked
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TransIP, a hoster in the Netherlands, has a free offering called STACK: free cloud storage for 1000 GB! It took me a few days to get an invite to activate it. It's based on Owncloud, and they made branded clients. That means there are clients for phones and tablets, and every OS (including Linux!). In addition, you can mount the drive through WebDAV too. It's reasonable fast, and you can store your Dropbox many times over in there. I'm a fan.
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Apr. 21st, 2016 @ 10:38 pm More new anime
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Super Lovers: Haru's mother lives in Canada, and when he comes to visit her for the summer, he is tasked with looking after his adoptive brother Ran, who is still just a kid. Ran lived in an orphanage, and he's kind of a wild child: spends all of the day outside and is only friendly to the dogs. But with some hard work, Haru slowly gains Ran's trust and gets him to behave a bit more like a human child.
It's a yaoi series, but the first episode is just build-up. But two (adoptive) brothers with a huge age difference shagging up? Creepy.

Kuromukuro: An ancient artifact was found, so of course the UN built a lab to investigate it. Yukina is the daughter of the lab director, but she just isn't that smart as her mother... One day she visits the lab to return a forgotten cell phone, and all hell breaks loose when several objects from outer space land on Earth -- they're attack mecha! And then the artifact activates with Yukina there!
The setup strongly reminded me of Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is not a bad thing at all. It's all very polished and there is quite the plot twist at the end. I really want to know how this continues.

Kuma Miko: In a mountain village, humans and bears have learned to live together. The bears even speak the human language. Up the mountain is a shrine dedicated to the bears, and Machi, a middle school girl, is the shrine maiden there. She takes care of the ceremonies, but before and after she chats with the bear, who is quite friendly. But Machi is thinking of leaving the little village behind and moving to the city.
Small-village life with a touch of the supernatural (and the history is just a tiny little bit lewd, which amused me). A very pastoral feel, like Non Non Biyori, but then with a talking bear being around too. We liked it.
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Kashira? Kashira? Gozonji Kashira?
Apr. 19th, 2016 @ 11:11 pm Hamburgers
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My boss, a Canadian who lives in Germany, is visiting Nijmegen this week. When I asked him if he needed me to make any arrangements (specifically for dinner), he replied that he'd just go to the snackbar for some fries. (This was through text chat, so I think the sad undertone I thought I heard was completely my imagination.) I replied that he should go to Restaurant Wally in the city centre, because they have great burgers there. I may have talked those burgers up quite a bit, and it turned out that he's not averse to a good burger. It didn't take long to decide that we'd go there together.
So when we were about to leave, there were two other colleagues left in the office, and they came along. One has a long list of strict dietary requirements, but since everything is made fresh, I thought it wouldn't be too much of a problem to have them change the burgers slightly to conform to fit within the restrictions. They even have an allergy-matrix where you can see which allergen is in which menu-item. This colleague doesn't like to make a fuss about her diet (which I can fully understand), but it wasn't any problem for them to, for instance, leave the bun off the burger and to serve the dressing apart from the salad so that she could eat with confidence.
So expectations for the burgers were high, but they were met. We had a good evening, and it was around 9 o'clock when I dropped them off at their hotel. I think there will be more visits to Wally in the future when he's in Nijmegen...
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Apr. 18th, 2016 @ 08:59 pm More new anime
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Joker Game: In 1930s Japan, a group of men is trained to become spies. Of course, this requires something different from the strict adherence to military doctrine that the army requires. So the men, who don't even know each others' real names, play all sorts of subtle games amongst themselves. Lt. Sakuma gets posted as the army liason to this spy unit, but he doesn't have a high opinion of these methods. But he has to learn to play the game to keep up with them...
An interesting concept set in a time where Japan was rapidly becoming the militaristic state which would plunge them into WW2. It's all very subtle, until Sakuma starts to 'get' it -- and then he gives as good as he gets.

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Subaru is a NEET, and then one day when he visits the conbini, he gets transported to a fantasy world. This is of course like the games and the anime he is familiar with, but he quickly learns that he is not the protagonist of this world: he doesn't have any magical powers and is not immune to some old-fashioned beating when he runs into some thugs. He is saved by a half-elf who is looking for her stolen insignia, and Subaru, who got a look at the thief, decides to stick with her and help her.
We sure have seen this plot development quite a few times, but it's kinda refreshing that Subaru didn't gain any special abilities. He is at quite a disadvantage too... What can I say? I kinda like these series.

Big Order: Some people can get their wishes fulfilled, which is of course potentially dangerous to the rest of humanity. They are called 'Orders'. Eiji is one of them, and he is convinced that it was his 'Order' that destroyed much of the world ten years ago. Of course, he keeps it a secret, but when he is found out and his sister is taken hostage, he remembers what his real wish was, and acts on it.
Apparently made by the guy who wrote 'Mirai Nikki', and that we didn't like that either. I guess we don't like watching series about psychopaths.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge: Tanaka is lazy: there is nothing he likes to do better than to snooze. Luckily enough, his friend Ohta looks after him. Tanaka is so dedicated to his laziness that he goes to great lengths to be able to be lazy...
Funny in a slow-paced way, with some nice characters. The comedy reminded me of Nozaki-kun: funny situations without having to resort to weird violence or improbable situations. I'd be interested to see where it goes.

Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalite: Some time ago, an attempt was made by a king and queen to seal an evil dragon away, but it failed. Now their son, the prince, has become a swordman, and he is seeking to finish what his parents started. Of course, not everybody is thrilled with that prospect, because the status quo gives them power over others.
The animation is kinda bad (as modern series go), and we didn't really care about the characters and what was going on. Bland and lacks character, with an uninspiring technical execution.
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Ships passing in the night